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Stainless steel CJ750 




Guo Liang Motorcycle Show Room

These Chang Jiang 750 sidecar motorcycles were restored and modified from the Chinese PLA military surplus. They are the best BMW R71 or BMW R75 replica you can get today. If you want the same BMW R71 or BMW R75 replica Chang Jiang 750 sidecars, please click on the picture to enlarge it, then save the picture and send it with your quote request email to us. We make WWII style R75 sidecar with pannier boxes made from copy of original German boxes. Our pinstripe BMW R71 style has lowered fenders, and smooth pinstripes.

To improve upon the original Chang Jiang 750 sidecars we have import  bearings, super quality chrome and high quality paint jobs.

Notice: Please check Dean's Hot Baby, you will know how the bike is restored. Your bike is same as Dean's.

BMW R71 Style Bikes

R71 0001-1

red with argent pinstripes paint

R71 0001-2

leather covers, top chrome parts

R71 0001-3

24 Hp SV engine with reverse gearbox

R71 0002-1

chrome parts package, pinstripes paint

R71 0002-2

super polished package, leather seat covers

R71 0002-3

24 Hp SV engine with reverse gearbox

R71 0003-1

blue with argent paint, super polished package

R71 0003-2

lowered front fender, top chrome parts

R71 0003-3

lether seat covers

R71 0004-1

classical black with white pinstripes paint

R71 0004-2

32 Hp OHV engine with reverse gearbox

R71 0004-3

medium chrome parts, leather covers

R71 0005-1

blue with red paint, poder coat wheels

R71 0005-2

super polished package, pannier boxes

R71 0005-3

leather seat covers, good tires

R71 0006-1

black with white paint, medium chrome parts

R71 0006-2

5 lights on front side, higher handle bar

R71 0006-3

lowered front fender, rebuilt engine

R71 0007-1

top chrome parts package, 32 Hp engine

R71 0007-2

small windshield, top light on sidecar fender

R71 0007-3

spare tire cover, reflector on back

R71 0008-1

super polished package, powder coat parts

R71 0008-2

special customized paint job

R71 0008-3

big seat and leather covers, lowered front fender

BMW R75 Style Bikes

R75 0001-1

M1S grey bike, super polished package

R75 0001-2

powder coat wheels, leather covers

R75 0001-3

pannier boxes, lowered front fender

R75 0002-1

M1S green bike, small windshoeld

R75 0002-2

leather sovers, powder coat wheels

R75 0002-3

frame-in toolbox, lowered front fender

R75 0003-1

M1S grey bike, power coat wheels

R75 0003-2

leather covers, pannier boxes

R75 0003-3

lowered front fender

R75 0004-1

powder coat wheels

R75 0004-2

BMW style gas tank

R75 0004-3

mattew desert yellow paint

Flames Bikes

Flames 0001-1

top chrome parts package, super polish package

Flames 0001-2

customized flames paint

Flames 0001-3

lowered front fender, leather seat covers

Flames 0002-1

customized flames paint

Flames 0002-2

top chrome package, super polish package

Flames 0002-3

leather cover, higher handlebar

Flames 0003-1

M1M flames bike, super polish package

Flames 0003-2

powder coat wheels

Flames 0003-3

lowered front fender, leather covers

Solo Bikes

Solo 0001

pinstripes paint, polish, leather bag

Solo 0002

flames paint, polish, top chrome

Solo 0003

classical paint, frame-in toolbox

Solo 0004

classical paint, top chrome

Solo 0005

6V bike, powder coat wheels

Solo 0006

top chrome, polish, saddle bags



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